8th Fleet Order of Battle

As of 12:00 Noon MDT on 25 April 2017, I show the following Order of Battle for 8th Fleet.

CLAC-13 HMS Siren (Minotaur Class CLAC) in SLC, UT
Commanded by Captain JG Dakota Ferris
Pending LAC in Tooele, Utah

BatDiv 841 – Commanded by Captain of the List, Sir Jason Gurule, KCE, OG, CGM.
SD(P)-482 HMS Anasazi (Invictus Class SD(P)) in Abq, NM
Commanded by Captain Jason Gurule
SD(P)-841 HMS Implacable (Invictus Class SD(P))in Santa Fe,NM
Commanded by Captain JG White Lion, Bill Knight, OG, ME

BatCruDiv 865 – Commanded by Captain of the List Tammy Schoonover, SC, GS, QBM.
BC-480 HMS Enterprise (Reliant Class BC) in Colorado Springs, CO
Commanded by Captain Schoonover
BC-401 HMS Reliant (Reliant Class BC) in Denver, CO
Commanded by Captain JG Sean Patrick Fannon

CruDiv 815 – Commanded by Captain JG Michael Naron
CA-51 HMS Claymore (Broadsword Class CA) in Phoenix, AZ
Commanded by Captain Naron
Pending Assault Shuttle in Tuscon, AZ
Commanded by LtCol George Farmer
CA-47 HMS Broadsword (Broadsword Class CA) in Phoenix, AZ
Commanded by Captain JG Rose Davies

8th Fleet Command Team:
Rear Admiral of the Red J. Eddy Roberts
Commodore Marcus Johnston, OC, CGM
Senior Master Chief Petty Officer Scott Madison

Fleet Staff:
Chief of Staff – LCDR Thom Shartle
Operations Officer – LCDR Brennan Theler (Also COLAC and JAG)
Intelligence Officer – Lieutenant (SG) Michael Lesnick
Communications Officer – Petty Officer 2/c Kacie Stevens

I will be promoting the staff, but I’d love to do it all in one bunch (so I am waiting for testing to get done. COS to Captain; Ops and Intel to Commander, Comms to Lieutenant JG/SG.)

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