Fleet Order – 1704-01 – Second New Fleet Staff Announcement

To: all Officers and Enlisted of 8th Fleet, other Royal Manticoran Forces, The Grayson Space Navy and other Members of the Grand Alliance

From: Commodore J. Eddy Roberts, Acting Commanding Officer, 8th Fleet, RMN

RE: Assignment of Fleet Staff (Fleet Order 1704-01)

As of the date of this order, by my hand, and under the authority of the Queen, I hereby announce the follow staff appointments to the Fleet Staff of 8th Fleet.

Captain (JG) Marcus Johnston (HMS Claymore) to serve as Acting Deputy Fleet Commanding Officer
Lieutenant Commander Brennan Theler (HMS Siren) to serve as Fleet Operations Officer
Chief Petty Officer Michael Lesnick (HMS Claymore) to serve as Fleet Intelligence Officer

Chief Petty Officer Lesnick, in order to discharge the duties of your new position, you are hereby brevetted to the rank of Lieutenant Senior Grade, RMN.

In service to Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth III of Manticore.

J. Eddy Roberts
Commodore, RMN
Acting Commanding Officer, 8th Fleet

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