Fleet order 1704-06 Awards

Decoration Announcement – Fleet Order 1704-06

As of this day, 26 April 2017, by my hand and authority as Commanding Officer 8th Fleet, I hereby announce the following decorations for service:

Meritorious Service Medal
Chief Petty Officer Chris Park, RMN – HMS Reliant

Naval Commendation Decoration:
Platoon Sergeant Jerry Spaulding, RMMC – MARDET Reliant
Spacer 3/c Carinn Seabolt, RMN – HMS Reliant
Commander Elizabeth Kaas-Baas, RMN – HMS Siren (SaltCon)
Captain (JG) Dakota Ferris, RMN – HMS Siren (SaltCon)

This list contains the names upon my desk on 15 April 2017 that are in my authority to approve and issue. It does not contain any recommendations that have been received since then.

In the Service of the Queen!

J. Eddy Roberts
Rear Admiral of the Red, RMN
Commanding Officer, 8th Fleet

Captains, please note, that if you sent me a name, and it does not appear on this list, I have sent it on to the RMN awards office for their consideration (and potential award at Manticon) of an award beyond my authorization authority. All nominations were in before the Manticon deadline.

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