Manticon 2017 Awards

Congratulations to all our 8th Fleet awardees at Manticon 2017

Peerage Elevation
Robert Bulkeley elevated from Earl New Essex to Duke Mountain View

Knight, Most Noble Order of the Star Kingdom
John Roberts

Manticore Cross
William Knight
George Farmer
Shirley Kunz
Eddy Roberts

Osterman Cross
Kacie Stevens

Knight, Most Honorable Order of King Roger
Diane Bulkeley

Saganami Cross
Eddy Roberts
Michael Naron

Order of Gallantry
Sean Fannon

Gryphon Star
Shirley Kunz
Aaron Stevens

Queen’s Bravery Medal
Brennan Theler
Edward Schneider

Conspicuous Bravery Medal
Eddy Roberts
Dan Brandow
Kathy Brandow
William Knight

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